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    10K, Thanks to all of you for your support!

    When we started with the GP24 project on the first of June 2018 and started the Facebook page on August 4th 2018, we monitored our progress and it seemed ever so slow.

    Achieving the threshold for 10K seemed like impossible. But as our audience grew so did the pace of growth. And last Friday we passed the 10K mark, something that feels truly amazing and for which we want to thank all the people who follow us and read our stories.

    We are far from perfect, and we are aware of that, but we are always trying to get better at what we do. For this reason we now have a full time job opening on our page and a selection process in place.

    Thank you all for supporting us and for giving us the energy to continue to do what we do and to improve on that.


    • Amber van Nunen
    • Ana Maria Florea
    • Andra Dozsa
    • Cosmin Milcu
    • Livia Motoi
    • Gabriela Malutan
    • Manohar Singh



    Crezi că poți prezice rezultatele curselor următoare?
    Dacă reușești, noi te premiem!

    Primii 3 participanți care prezic corect rezultatele vor primi gadget-uri cool după fiecare cursă, iar la finalul sezonului punem la bătaie 2 bilete la Marele Premiu al Ungariei din 2022, un voucher Pirelli în valoare de 1500 RON și un abonament de un an la F1TV.

    Ce mai aștepți? Înscrie-ți predicțiile în GP24 PRONOCONTEST începând cu data de 9.07.2021!

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