Winter Rally Covasna, a competition not to forget

  • 56 teams from Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary participate in the 12th edition of the Winter Rally Covasna.
  • 4 Romanian Champions present at this rally will delight with their evolution: Dan Girtofan, Szabó Gergő, Vali Porcişteanu and Titi Aur.
  • Kovács Antal, the winner of the previous edition, is ready to defend his trophy.
  • The superspecial in the center of Covasna opens the event.
  • Raul Badiu, Suzuki Cup champion in 2018, is preparing intensively for the Rally of Sweden, the first stage of the 2019 World Junior Rally Championship
  • Traffic restrictions during the competition and recommendations for viewers.

Between 1st and 3rd of February a.c. the 12th edition of Winter Rally Covasna unfolds. A local rally has turned into a race with international participation!

We will follow the evolution of the 56 teams on the snow and ice stages with technical or high speed sections that will require the maximum from the drivers skills and attention. Powersliding, approaching a driving style that is permanently adapted to snow and ice surfaces are part of the spectacular scenes that can be watched by the spectators.

This season the rally starts on February 1st. with the superspecial in the center of Covasna at 17.00. Winter Rally Covasna 2019 continues with classical trials around Comâdau, Covasna County, as well as from Buzau County on 02 and 03 February.

Traffic restrictions in the center of Covasna and on the Covasna – Command connecting route

  • In the center of Covasna on February 1st. 2019 on the Gheorghe Doja, Freedom, Brazi and Unirii streets between 16:00 – 21:00.
  • Covasna – Command connecting road February 2nd. 2019 between 08:00 – 11:00.
  • The forest road Commandau – Gura Teghii – Ciresu February 2nd. 2019 between 08:00 – 18:00.
  • Comandău – Benedek – Harboca forest road (Buzău county) February 3rd. 2019 between 08:00 – 16:00.

Winter Rally Covasna – winners of previous editions:

  1. 2007 Berari Catalin / Hangu Florin – ROU/ROU Mitsubishi EVO 6
  2. 2008 Pescaru Ioan / Lavric Andra – ROU/ROU VW Golf 2
  3. 2009 Onoriu Daniel / Tiura Gabi – ROU/ROU Mitsubishi EVO 8
  4. 2010 Berari Catalin/ Sandu Mihai – ROU/ROU Mitsubishi EVO 10
  5. 2011 Porcisteanu Valentin / Alina Bunica – ROU/ROU Mitsubishi EVO 9
  6. 2012 Szabó Gergő/ Borbely Karoly – HU/ROU Mitsubishi EVO 9
  7. 2013 Szabó Gergő/ Borbely Karoly – HU/ROU Mitsubishi EVO 10
  8. 2015 Tempestini Simone/Pulpea Dorin – I/ROU Subaru Impreza
  9. 2016 Hideg Krisztián / Kerék István – HU/HU Mitsubishi EVO 9
  10. 2017 Vali Porcisteanu / Dan Dobre – ROU/ROU Mitsubishi EVO 9
  11.  2018 Kovács Antal/Istovics Gergő – HU/HU Ford Fiesta R5

Recommendations for Spectators:

  • Dress yourself according to the season for low temperatures and remember to have your car equipped for winter.
  • Park your car only in places arranged by the organiser.
  • Help and support motorsport by observing the specifications of the officials.
  • Respect nature and keep it clean.
  • For information on access routes, parking spaces and all information of general interest, see

Winter Rally Covasna is an event organized by the Crono Auto Club, under the auspices of the Romanian Automobile Sports Federation (FRAS), supported by the local club DRE Racing Team.

Official Partners: Covasna City Hall, Command City Hall, St. George Forestry Directorate, Buzau Forestry Directorate, Command Forest and Gura Teghii Forest Occupation.

Partners: Metalubs Romania, TTS Hotel, Transylvania Off Road, Lazar Group Brasov,,,

Media Partners: Autorally,,

Local media partners: Haromszek, Hirmondo, Covasna Observatory, Covasna Messenger, Sepsi Radio, We Radio, Slager Radio.

The event will be conducted under the direct supervision of the Covasna Police, Covasna Emergency Situations Inspectorate, Covasna Ambulance Service, One Med, Salvatore, Gendarmerie of Covasna and Gendarmerie of Buzau.

Technical data:

  • Total rally distance: 195.1 km.
  • Number of Special Stages: 8
  • Total distance of Special Stages: 100.7 km
  • Percentage of Special Stages from total rally: 51.61%
  • Number of sections: 4
  • Number of days: 3.




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