Red Bull expect a “more mature” Max Verstappen to show more “patience” this season in Formula 1

Max Verstappen has been involved in a lot of incidence in the early part of last season. However, after his crash in Monaco, a completely new approach saw him go on a run of 10 podiums out of 15 races.

The young dutchman still kept making headlines for various reasons as he regularly criticised their at the time engine supplier, Renault.

“We had some discussions and patience is one thing for sure he will show,” Marko said. “He understood if he can’t win, it’s important to make points, to finish races. Otherwise you won’t win the championship.

“He’s mature now. He’s still very young but he’s far more mature. He feels happy, also with the driveability from the engine.

“We heard last year on the radio that he wasn’t so happy sometimes. I think he, and the team, goes with a lot of confidence into the season.”

Helmut Marko said that this pre-season testing was “the best ever for Red Bull and Toro Rosso” and said that Verstappen’s new approach was very fruitful this weekend.

“He already did a very positive step by being enthusiastic and concentrating with his testing,” Marko said. “Before, testing was a little bit boring for him. He just saw it as a duty. But now he understands it’s very, very important. His input for the engineers to develop the car.”

Foto-credit: Red Bull Racing F1


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