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Have you always wanted to write about Formula 1 or other motorsport competitions?

    • Now you can! We, the team, are looking for racing enthusiasts who are willing to participate in our mission to bring Motorsport into the spotlight anywhere in the world.
    • At this moment we are putting ourselves in place to obtain FIA accreditation and we are increasingly attending year-round racing.
    • You do not need previous experience. the only thing you need is a real passion for motorsport.
  • Sounds good? Let’s talk about what we’re looking for:
    • We want to offer motorsport the status it deserves on a global plan, so our current mission is to increase and provide content on all relevant competitions from Formula 1 to the smallest local events in all classes. We already have categories on the site for quite a few of these competitions and as time passes there will be more.
    • We want quality content – There are countless organizations that provide reports on practice sessions, qualifications and races themselves, but what we are interested in is not just about that, obviously, that content type has its own place, but we want to offer content that goes further than the clickable title. We want passionate reports, exciting features, and cutting-edge news.
    • If you are talented at design, you can create infographics, sketches or motorsport themed animations. If you understand the numbers and/or the statistic well, you can create interesting parallel and comparisons using the information at your fingertips.
    • The possibilities are unlimited. We want articles between 200 and 750 words. Shorter or longer articles will always be a possibility, a discussion can solve this dilemma at any time.
    • In summary, therefore, we want reports, we want news, infographics, drawings, sketches, etc. That’s not what counts. We mainly want motorsport enthusiasts who want to see this scene flourish on a global scale.
    • We are still unable to offer fixed wages or hire full-time people, most of us do this pro bono and love for motorsport, but, all the work, every article, graphic, sketch, will be rewarded in money. We have a number of different compensation schemes in place that will reward you based on your performance.
    • A Media Pass and compensation for travel, accommodation and pocket money will always be a possibility also once a portfolio is in place.

Okay, now what?

    • Contact us by email at We promise to respond as quickly as possible.