Interview with Tom Coronel: “in 2019 Max will compete with Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc”

  • Can Max Verstappen go for the title in 2019?
  • Who will be the biggest surprise of 2019?
  • Will the Red Bull-Honda couple be a success?

Just some questions that come to mind when you think about the new season. MAX33 introduced them to Tom Coronel.

The first winter test day in Barcelona is scheduled for just six days from now. On that day, a lot will immediately become clear. Which team made the right choices? or what team has been sleeping in the winter? It will also be clear in the coming test weeks whether Honda has been able to transfer its reliability from 2018 to 2019 and whether the Japanese have managed to add some more horsepower.

Tom Coronel expects a successful marriage between the two parties: “It is very simple, they have nothing to lose. Red Bull was always the third best team from 2014 onwards. They were constantly ahead of the Renault factory team, which means they were actually teaching Renault things, Renault got all the data from Red Bull, so now they’re moving to Honda … what’s the downside? “, Coronel asks out loud.

“The downside is that you are going back a bit and you have to fight it out on the track with Renault.” The upside is that you are competing for the World Championship, and ultimately, Honda and Red Bull have the same interest, because Honda had no team and Red Bull had no engine, so this is the ideal couple, these two are going to have a very happy marriage with each other “, Tom thinks.

Max in 2019
2018 had a rough start for Max Verstappen, but he closed the year in grand style. Five podium places in a row and almost third place in the ranking for the World Championship. Coronel wants to make everyone realize that this performance is unprecedentedly clever, in a ‘lesser’ car. “Look, his teammate did not do it, so that means Max completely overshadow him, Max relegated his teammate, so understandably Ricciardo made the choice to go to Renault, because next to Max he would never shine again … never again”, said the WTCR driver.

Verstappen has therefore relegated his previous team mate, is that going to happen with his direct competitors: Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel?

“I think you should leave Sebastian out of that list, I think you should put Leclerc there, why not, if Sebastian can, Leclerc can certainly do it, and Lewis is just a killer, he’s alone in his own show. focuses only on one thing and that is a quality Max also has, which is why the two are most closely matched. ”

Who will be the biggest surprise of 2019?
The upcoming season is also dominated by change. Charles Leclerc who made the switch from Sauber to Ferrari, Ricciardo who will race at Renault and Gasly who takes over his seat and then the arrival of British talents George Russel and Lando Norris. To whom should we pay the most attention to in 2019?

It’s very simple for Tom Coronel: Charles Leclerc. Also in his previous answer the Monegask comes forward and that is not without reason. The 21-year old Ferrari driver is just like Max Verstappen of the exceptional category.

“Charles Leclerc will be the biggest surprise, partly because he has a car that can win races.” Vettel has slipped up a couple of times last year and when he is really under pressure, even as a four times world champion he has a problem dealing with that, but Leclerc, who has nothing to lose, he can only win, and he is much better and much faster than most people think, if you see what he did with that Sauber last year, that really did not make sense, “Coronel said.

In addition to the fact that Leclerc is a mega-talent, there is another reason why Coronel expects that the Monegask will beat Vettel.

“He is from the Playstation-genaration. These young guys sit behind a kind of simulator all day and Vettel is still quite analogue and he is just going to get serious headaches from him. It is also the first time that Ferrari dares to take real risks, because they normally always opt for ex-world champions, and that is what you see with Vettel, but he will get a seriousheadache if Leclerc is just as good as he was last year “, the analyst concluded.


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